Super What? Super Who!

Within my Wicca world and journey, one area I’d like to spend more time on is in my communion with the moon.  AS the physical manifestation and reminder of the Goddess, such a powerful icon, I am not as familiar with her as I want and need to be.

THIS is what I am talking about
THIS is what I am talking about

Last night was the Super moon; which is when the full moon is at or near its closest point to Earth (the perigee to my entire astronomy buff fan).  Within magical circles this can be very powerful.  When else is the Goddess, outside of the circle and daily interaction more close?

I have not been witness to or performed any Esbat ritual and I want to explore this a bit more.  Where Sabbats are about ritual and worship of specific events be they solar, or rites, the Esbat are about magic with and within the Goddess, as I understand.

It is a time of mystery, covenant and deep power.  Humans have always imbued the full moon with both odd and magical patterns in behavior psychological, neurological and even unexplained.

THIS is moons over my hammy, not the super moon, but delicious
THIS is moons over my hammy, not the super moon, but delicious

I know this is the time to perform magics specific to the moon cycle and need.  It is a time of divination and seeing.  Especially the super moon.  I feel as if I have missed a great opportunity for communion with My Lady.  My plan is to really cast the working of the learning spell I have been given and reach out over the next 28 days to My Lady, Her High Goddess and try to create a deeper relationship, friendship and knowledge of her empowerment for me and what I can give back to her, my friends and my peers within the magical world.

I have 28 days until the full super moon, as well as a total lunar eclipse, on September 28th to work this knowledge and am interested in your thoughts.  There are a lot of internet references to Esbat rituals, and books, and words – but as someone who has not been a part of this world as deeply, until recently, as I am now – I am interested in your thoughts, feelings and insights

How did you celebrate this lunar event last night?  Do have plans for the next full moon?

In a week full of Duggeriffic Fogglisms…

I have been ill this past week, like I mentioned yesterday.  First, let me say that this experience has allowed me to put some things in perspective and I have made some long-range decisions.  Second, I am feeling much better so if any of you had been wishing me well, I appreciate it.  Third, I watched a lot of Netflix and movies.

I was able to finally watch the 1979 classic ‘The Warriors” starring Michael Beck, who only one year later would skate his way into our hearts as Sonny Malone opposite Olivia Newton Hildebrand John in Xanadu.  Also in there was Maverick, which is always good, and getting back to ONJ, I dusted off the classic Grease Sequel, ‘Grease 2: Electric Boogaloo’, or something like that, not starring Ms. Newton John.

grease2Interestingly, I came across this photo on today and it broke my heart.  It appears that I alone am a fan of ‘Grease 2: The Quickening’.  With its fantastic songs like ‘Girl for all Seasons’ and ‘Let’s Do it for our County’.  I mean, man!

The irrepressible Didi Conn reprising her role as the repressible Frenchy anchors the movie and ties it to the original; somehow, is she still in school?  The throw away performance by Michelle Pfeiffer was nothing to take note of; I believe she basically phoned in the role.

Of course the trio of Sid Caesar, Eve Arden and Dody Goodman return from the original as the bumbling trio of High School administration who are basically the Larry, Moe and Curly wrapped up in the evil dean archetype of this generation.  Of course who could also forget Dennis Scott as Leo Balmudo, leader of the Scorpions from Grease and leader of the Cycle Lords in ‘Grease 2: The New Nightmare’.  Of course, nobody questions why a 30 year old man has nothing better to do than hang out at high schools tormenting kids.  Maybe he was looking for Proactive?

rmBut the key to the success of ‘Grease 2:  Leprechaun in the Hood’ is the portrayal of Michael by the amazing Maxwell Caulfield.  Many years before his swan song role of Rex Manning in ‘Empire Records’, Mssr Caulfield was the silent, dreamy outsider Michael.  All he wanted was to bone Michelle Pfeiffer, and come on, who hasn’t done that yet?  Also, he was Sandy’s Cousin (How convenient for Australia).

This wacky film takes us from high school musicals, to deadmans curve to graduation luau in a short one hour and fifty-two minutes, but I assure you, it will seem like a lot longer.  So, admit it, when you watched this film, and the refrain of ‘Who’s that Guy’ comes on when everyone has thought Michael was dead, and Blanche yells out, ‘It’s Michael, it’s Michael!!’, you got all misty eyed.  Don’t lie you bastard, I know even as I wipe the tear away writing this that you get all emotional too.

Anyway, I guess next time I am sick, instead of ‘Grease 2:  The Greasening’, I will start looking for a sequel to my other favorite movies to blog about.  I am thinking ‘Sgt. Peppers’, oh don’t get me started….

Blessed be my friends

Mid Week Fun

I had such plans for this week; catch up and get ahead at work, hit the gym hard, and practice a littlespellcraft as it relates to divination and meditation.  Ask me how much of that happen. Goose egg. Why?


I feel like the Walking Dead
I am as sick as they come and something tells me, with my limited experience, now is not the time to be putting any energy into the universe or drawing on it.

I am excited to get back to work tomorrow I have a very busy day, I’m excited for class on Sunday these folks are slowly becoming my friends and I enjoy the company. I am learning so much from Lady Atheona and from my peers, this is a life-changing event for me.

Blessed be.

I Went a Little Widdershins

"...She turned me into a newt..."
“…She turned me into a newt…”

Some lessons in life are very costly, but others are free and sometimes humbling.  I had the experience of one such free humbling lesson.  A lesson learned though guides us, reminds us and sometimes bites us but if we commit to it, our actions can become more meaningful, respectful and earnest.

I posted a few weeks back about my week and a day, and that I had the need before posting too much of asking My Lady and my classmates if they were OK with it.  I forgot to mention it last week as I had a lot on my mind.  I posted an additional post; not necessarily about my class but about divination.  No harm.  However, I should have out of respect, and harmony, sent a message to my peers and to My Lady letting them know about this blog.  I didn’t, so this week my intention was to remedy by discussing it outside of the lesson and the gathering.  I didn’t get a chance.

The lessons I learned were that you never know who is watching and that respect is given freely and kindly.  We were encouraged to begin a journal regarding our own path our thoughts, etc.  At that point Lady Atheona mentioned my blog.  Now imagine the surprise on my face and the instant guilt, shame and surprise I felt on the inside for reasons I don’t fully understand.  Immediately, she told me she loved the idea and did not once mention anything that made me uncomfortable, I will always cherish her for that.  It was a reprimand without a reprimand and I only wish I was as good at it as she was.

She has encouraged me to continue this blog, keeping with my class secrecy, but now I feel I can move forward with the year and a day side of this – always keeping specifics to myself, unless I have the OK from my peers, My Lady and my Class.

I can only imagine the ways that those who practiced the Craft in the past devised to keep the secrecy of their knowledge and faith.  There are times I want to shout it from the rooftop, I am so happy to be knowledgeable of the Lord and Lady and able to celebrate and pay tribute the way we do; but still to this day there are those who will assume I worship Satan or that I am a renaissance fair junky (I totally am), or a cosplayer (I totally am not).  So, that was my other lesson.  I can express freely the way I feel, the energies I am a part of, the taste of the ritual without the actual ritual and am happy I have the faith of My Lady and my peers now to do so.

It brings me joy to share this with you today.

Blessed be.

Divination – Not Just a Deck of Cards

I am studying some divination technique and I am intrigued as to the variety and styles.  In my year and a day journey, one of my requirements is to be familiar and able to perform three styles, and be proficient in one.  I have time, it’s not ‘due’ next week, but this part of Wicca has always perplexed me and confounded me at the same time.

The word divination comes from, and I am probably paraphrasing, to know the mind of the divine.  The divine within Wicca means to know the Goddess and the God and the patterns of energy and elements as they interact and weave the riddle of our lives.

Lord Rand himself
Lord Rand himself
Come in...
Come in…

Naturally I am drawn to Tarot (I have been miss-pronouncing this for years as TAIR-Oh, with the emphasis on the first syllable, but I have been educated to understand it is Tur-OH, with the second syllable having the inflection).  I have always been fascinated by the picture we all know of the dark smoky room, bones of some animal suspended over some candles in the corner and the beautiful gypsy with the silk on her head reading my future and gazing into a crystal ball…

It’s not TOO far off, as Tarot is the reading of the pictures as interpreted by the reader in relation to the present, past, future or issue as it pertains to the respondent.   It’s a beautiful form and my wife has empathy in this area; for me, it will take study.

Another form is the casting of runes, which appears to be a Norse variety.  Similar to Tarot, it is the placement and pictures interpreted to the situation.  This has newly come to my attention as a possible tool of magick.


Scrying is a third form, which I have been familiar with, the aforementioned crystal ball is a variety of scrying.  I am a Pisces so I think that a cauldron or black bowl filled with natural spring water would be appropriate to the tuning of my mind.

Which way do you swing?
Which way do you swing?

Pendulums are also a new form; I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area yet, but I do understand it is relating to the flow of energy as directed by the reader.

So, in essence, there are many forms to learn, to know, to master.  I will continue to study for my year and a day and my entire life as I become an expert in at least one form.

What are your thoughts?  What forms are you familiar with?

Day 2

Queen of the Witches
    Queen of the Witches
Merry meet and blessed be my friends.  I am a witch.  I have known this for a long time, but am getting around finally to making it a major part of my life.  I had played around with it as a solitary for a few years, but have recently started my year and a day yesterday.

Hello lady!
Hello lady!
I have always been drawn to nature, the Goddess, the moon – you know everything you saw in the Craft, except a lot less Fairuza Balk, but still always nice people.  I began my introduction into our class group yesterday and met four new friends under the tutelage of My Lady Atheona.  I won’t go into much more about the class right now without speaking to My Ladies of the class.

It felt great to study again.  This forty-two year old body needs it.  My mind is engaged and my creativity is gnawing at the back of my mind again, which is good as it balances the linear and analytical side of my professional career.  I will say, this class will be rigorous and challenging, but I will dare to be inspired and charged.

Additionally, I have committed to my very personal goal today of working very hard at finishing a sprint triathlon and living a very healthy life.  I will be registering for the Napa HITS Triathlon which takes place April 9th-10th, 2016.   I am excited and scared.  Today, rather, tonight I begin training in earnest by beginning my first session of Zen Labs Couch to 5k, or more affectionately known as C25K.  I will be sore, but  I will be grateful.

Finally, I am taking four weeks off of the scale.  I have been putting too much pressure  on myself to “win” the number each morning.  I weighed myself today, and came in at 297 pounds.  I will step on again on August 31st, hopefully twenty pounds lighter and much smarter than today.

Going to “run” now, I wanted to get my first post up and let all the forces and energies of the universe known and unknown be aware of what I am manifesting and to charge this blog with keeping my diary of the next 366 days (365 today, lol).

Go, in peace and do no harm.