Day 2

Queen of the Witches
    Queen of the Witches
Merry meet and blessed be my friends.  I am a witch.  I have known this for a long time, but am getting around finally to making it a major part of my life.  I had played around with it as a solitary for a few years, but have recently started my year and a day yesterday.

Hello lady!
Hello lady!
I have always been drawn to nature, the Goddess, the moon – you know everything you saw in the Craft, except a lot less Fairuza Balk, but still always nice people.  I began my introduction into our class group yesterday and met four new friends under the tutelage of My Lady Atheona.  I won’t go into much more about the class right now without speaking to My Ladies of the class.

It felt great to study again.  This forty-two year old body needs it.  My mind is engaged and my creativity is gnawing at the back of my mind again, which is good as it balances the linear and analytical side of my professional career.  I will say, this class will be rigorous and challenging, but I will dare to be inspired and charged.

Additionally, I have committed to my very personal goal today of working very hard at finishing a sprint triathlon and living a very healthy life.  I will be registering for the Napa HITS Triathlon which takes place April 9th-10th, 2016.   I am excited and scared.  Today, rather, tonight I begin training in earnest by beginning my first session of Zen Labs Couch to 5k, or more affectionately known as C25K.  I will be sore, but  I will be grateful.

Finally, I am taking four weeks off of the scale.  I have been putting too much pressure  on myself to “win” the number each morning.  I weighed myself today, and came in at 297 pounds.  I will step on again on August 31st, hopefully twenty pounds lighter and much smarter than today.

Going to “run” now, I wanted to get my first post up and let all the forces and energies of the universe known and unknown be aware of what I am manifesting and to charge this blog with keeping my diary of the next 366 days (365 today, lol).

Go, in peace and do no harm.


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