Divination – Not Just a Deck of Cards

I am studying some divination technique and I am intrigued as to the variety and styles.  In my year and a day journey, one of my requirements is to be familiar and able to perform three styles, and be proficient in one.  I have time, it’s not ‘due’ next week, but this part of Wicca has always perplexed me and confounded me at the same time.

The word divination comes from, and I am probably paraphrasing, to know the mind of the divine.  The divine within Wicca means to know the Goddess and the God and the patterns of energy and elements as they interact and weave the riddle of our lives.

Lord Rand himself
Lord Rand himself
Come in...
Come in…

Naturally I am drawn to Tarot (I have been miss-pronouncing this for years as TAIR-Oh, with the emphasis on the first syllable, but I have been educated to understand it is Tur-OH, with the second syllable having the inflection).  I have always been fascinated by the picture we all know of the dark smoky room, bones of some animal suspended over some candles in the corner and the beautiful gypsy with the silk on her head reading my future and gazing into a crystal ball…

It’s not TOO far off, as Tarot is the reading of the pictures as interpreted by the reader in relation to the present, past, future or issue as it pertains to the respondent.   It’s a beautiful form and my wife has empathy in this area; for me, it will take study.

Another form is the casting of runes, which appears to be a Norse variety.  Similar to Tarot, it is the placement and pictures interpreted to the situation.  This has newly come to my attention as a possible tool of magick.


Scrying is a third form, which I have been familiar with, the aforementioned crystal ball is a variety of scrying.  I am a Pisces so I think that a cauldron or black bowl filled with natural spring water would be appropriate to the tuning of my mind.

Which way do you swing?
Which way do you swing?

Pendulums are also a new form; I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area yet, but I do understand it is relating to the flow of energy as directed by the reader.

So, in essence, there are many forms to learn, to know, to master.  I will continue to study for my year and a day and my entire life as I become an expert in at least one form.

What are your thoughts?  What forms are you familiar with?


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