I Went a Little Widdershins

"...She turned me into a newt..."
“…She turned me into a newt…”

Some lessons in life are very costly, but others are free and sometimes humbling.  I had the experience of one such free humbling lesson.  A lesson learned though guides us, reminds us and sometimes bites us but if we commit to it, our actions can become more meaningful, respectful and earnest.

I posted a few weeks back about my week and a day, and that I had the need before posting too much of asking My Lady and my classmates if they were OK with it.  I forgot to mention it last week as I had a lot on my mind.  I posted an additional post; not necessarily about my class but about divination.  No harm.  However, I should have out of respect, and harmony, sent a message to my peers and to My Lady letting them know about this blog.  I didn’t, so this week my intention was to remedy by discussing it outside of the lesson and the gathering.  I didn’t get a chance.

The lessons I learned were that you never know who is watching and that respect is given freely and kindly.  We were encouraged to begin a journal regarding our own path our thoughts, etc.  At that point Lady Atheona mentioned my blog.  Now imagine the surprise on my face and the instant guilt, shame and surprise I felt on the inside for reasons I don’t fully understand.  Immediately, she told me she loved the idea and did not once mention anything that made me uncomfortable, I will always cherish her for that.  It was a reprimand without a reprimand and I only wish I was as good at it as she was.

She has encouraged me to continue this blog, keeping with my class secrecy, but now I feel I can move forward with the year and a day side of this – always keeping specifics to myself, unless I have the OK from my peers, My Lady and my Class.

I can only imagine the ways that those who practiced the Craft in the past devised to keep the secrecy of their knowledge and faith.  There are times I want to shout it from the rooftop, I am so happy to be knowledgeable of the Lord and Lady and able to celebrate and pay tribute the way we do; but still to this day there are those who will assume I worship Satan or that I am a renaissance fair junky (I totally am), or a cosplayer (I totally am not).  So, that was my other lesson.  I can express freely the way I feel, the energies I am a part of, the taste of the ritual without the actual ritual and am happy I have the faith of My Lady and my peers now to do so.

It brings me joy to share this with you today.

Blessed be.


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