In a week full of Duggeriffic Fogglisms…

I have been ill this past week, like I mentioned yesterday.  First, let me say that this experience has allowed me to put some things in perspective and I have made some long-range decisions.  Second, I am feeling much better so if any of you had been wishing me well, I appreciate it.  Third, I watched a lot of Netflix and movies.

I was able to finally watch the 1979 classic ‘The Warriors” starring Michael Beck, who only one year later would skate his way into our hearts as Sonny Malone opposite Olivia Newton Hildebrand John in Xanadu.  Also in there was Maverick, which is always good, and getting back to ONJ, I dusted off the classic Grease Sequel, ‘Grease 2: Electric Boogaloo’, or something like that, not starring Ms. Newton John.

grease2Interestingly, I came across this photo on today and it broke my heart.  It appears that I alone am a fan of ‘Grease 2: The Quickening’.  With its fantastic songs like ‘Girl for all Seasons’ and ‘Let’s Do it for our County’.  I mean, man!

The irrepressible Didi Conn reprising her role as the repressible Frenchy anchors the movie and ties it to the original; somehow, is she still in school?  The throw away performance by Michelle Pfeiffer was nothing to take note of; I believe she basically phoned in the role.

Of course the trio of Sid Caesar, Eve Arden and Dody Goodman return from the original as the bumbling trio of High School administration who are basically the Larry, Moe and Curly wrapped up in the evil dean archetype of this generation.  Of course who could also forget Dennis Scott as Leo Balmudo, leader of the Scorpions from Grease and leader of the Cycle Lords in ‘Grease 2: The New Nightmare’.  Of course, nobody questions why a 30 year old man has nothing better to do than hang out at high schools tormenting kids.  Maybe he was looking for Proactive?

rmBut the key to the success of ‘Grease 2:  Leprechaun in the Hood’ is the portrayal of Michael by the amazing Maxwell Caulfield.  Many years before his swan song role of Rex Manning in ‘Empire Records’, Mssr Caulfield was the silent, dreamy outsider Michael.  All he wanted was to bone Michelle Pfeiffer, and come on, who hasn’t done that yet?  Also, he was Sandy’s Cousin (How convenient for Australia).

This wacky film takes us from high school musicals, to deadmans curve to graduation luau in a short one hour and fifty-two minutes, but I assure you, it will seem like a lot longer.  So, admit it, when you watched this film, and the refrain of ‘Who’s that Guy’ comes on when everyone has thought Michael was dead, and Blanche yells out, ‘It’s Michael, it’s Michael!!’, you got all misty eyed.  Don’t lie you bastard, I know even as I wipe the tear away writing this that you get all emotional too.

Anyway, I guess next time I am sick, instead of ‘Grease 2:  The Greasening’, I will start looking for a sequel to my other favorite movies to blog about.  I am thinking ‘Sgt. Peppers’, oh don’t get me started….

Blessed be my friends


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