Super What? Super Who!

Within my Wicca world and journey, one area I’d like to spend more time on is in my communion with the moon.  AS the physical manifestation and reminder of the Goddess, such a powerful icon, I am not as familiar with her as I want and need to be.

THIS is what I am talking about
THIS is what I am talking about

Last night was the Super moon; which is when the full moon is at or near its closest point to Earth (the perigee to my entire astronomy buff fan).  Within magical circles this can be very powerful.  When else is the Goddess, outside of the circle and daily interaction more close?

I have not been witness to or performed any Esbat ritual and I want to explore this a bit more.  Where Sabbats are about ritual and worship of specific events be they solar, or rites, the Esbat are about magic with and within the Goddess, as I understand.

It is a time of mystery, covenant and deep power.  Humans have always imbued the full moon with both odd and magical patterns in behavior psychological, neurological and even unexplained.

THIS is moons over my hammy, not the super moon, but delicious
THIS is moons over my hammy, not the super moon, but delicious

I know this is the time to perform magics specific to the moon cycle and need.  It is a time of divination and seeing.  Especially the super moon.  I feel as if I have missed a great opportunity for communion with My Lady.  My plan is to really cast the working of the learning spell I have been given and reach out over the next 28 days to My Lady, Her High Goddess and try to create a deeper relationship, friendship and knowledge of her empowerment for me and what I can give back to her, my friends and my peers within the magical world.

I have 28 days until the full super moon, as well as a total lunar eclipse, on September 28th to work this knowledge and am interested in your thoughts.  There are a lot of internet references to Esbat rituals, and books, and words – but as someone who has not been a part of this world as deeply, until recently, as I am now – I am interested in your thoughts, feelings and insights

How did you celebrate this lunar event last night?  Do have plans for the next full moon?


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