Friends, a Short Post

a friend of mine at work who is an understanding soul found me in my study place at work recently, which now I know is also his go grab a quick smoke place.

He found me reading from ‘The Witches Bible Compleat’, by the Farrars.  I was a bit awkward at first as on the cover there is a big pentagram. Most people outside of the craft associate this with the Christian Devil, but he and I spoke for a few minutes about my Year and a Day journey.

Later that day he gave me this.  What a wonderful gift to say he understands and accepts.  It’s just a small, cheap plastic cauldron but it spoke volumes about how priceless friendship and understanding is.

In a modern world where instant gratification as God and we don’t put a large enough value on true relationships, sometimes we can find an island of sanity, truth and love.

Thanks Sam, this was a true mitzvah.


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