Non-Secular (AKA Post B)

A post not relating to Wicca?  Wow, I must be feeling creative today!  Actually, I learned last night that I need a bit more cardio this week

I must be feeling something I guess.  My parents have been in town for the last 5 days on vacation, but me coming out the other end is the one who feels like they have been on vacation.  I am about a month behind in my training for the April Triathlon.  That means about 20 pounds.  I can still run the triathlon, I am just cutting it much shorter.

I think a plan that:

  • Cuts eating out
  • Limits strength training to 3x a wweek
  • Incorporates an additional Interval training (Fartlek – Awesome damn word!)
  • Incorporates my C25K sooner than later, and finally
  • Includes riding the bike to work 2x a week starting in two weeks

Will make this a still achievable goal.

I really enjoyed spending time with my parents.  I do not get to Utah enough and I miss them.  I miss my sons more than anything.  I believe it is time to make a trip.  Probably after I move the  hell out of this house, my family too, that is.

Alright.  It’s like Bennie the Franklin said

 “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

So off tonight to the gym to start making that happen.  Talk again soon


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