Mabon (September 19th, 2015)

Help Wanted:

This goes here. Here?  No, here?  Oh damn, the rope is moving again!
How many Wiccans does it take to set up an altar?  Two

Surveyor to lay geo-centric circles.  Must be willing to work at altitude in rocky terrain with exposure to the elements, notably the cold and the sun (Or Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders or Gnomes).  Must be willing to stand for long periods of time with intermittent circling and chanting.  Travel is required every 6 weeks or when the moon is full.  Cannot be timid around fire, bladed objects or the occasional nudity.   Must have own gloves.  White Robe is required and must be open minded.   Broom is optional.  This is a long-term temp to hire position with a 366 day training period; lifelong learners are encouraged to apply.

Picture the brown Earth; rocky and solid.  The dark night sky a lit with the pinpricks of millions, billions of stars.  The quartered moon the color of a light honey hanging in the southwest.  Hear the bells jangling and jostling attached to the legs of men and women dancing under this moon, under these stars in full view of the Goddess and the God.  Spinning, chanting, building magic, serving and saluting.

I had never been able to picture this vividly.  However…

This past weekend, I was honored, excited and nervous to be part of my first ritual ring for the Mabon Sabbat.  It is the Sabbat of thanksgiving, a time of gathering the harvest, giving thanks for the past year.  It’s not quite time to look to the next year, but rather to reflect on the past twelve months or a lifetime, or five minutes.  And I cannot, in my limited memory remember being this moved outside of the bedroom or at my children’s birth.

Here are some of my observances from this Sabbat:

I have five weeks to hit the gym hard because there is no way I am letting Lady Sive take the pick from me if there are holes to dig

Always place the shovel face down

Being a witch is hard, dirty, sweaty work – and I am not talking bedroom witchcraft (brownchickenbrowncow

Every witch wore a “white robe” at one point, regardless of their experience

You can most definitely feel physically, emotionally and mentally the presence of the God and Goddess as well as the elements asked to guard the ring

I need to learn to march

I need to learn to balance when I walk

My ass looks really big in a robe

It’s OK for boys to wear flowers in their hair, for the right reason

When in doubt, go deosil

We do things traditional, like, no lord’s helping with the food – Don’t tell my daughters

It feels good to do nice things for nice people

Lady Panthres sounds like she likes to party naked, at least under a robe

It gets cold up on that mountain

We are a troupe of entertainers preparing for a re-enactment of seasonal rituals for the upcoming renne fair, play, etc.

I already said flowers in the hair is OK
I already said flowers in the hair is OK

In all sincerity, I was underprepared for the amount of magical energy being raised, the beauty and majesty of the High Priestess as the High Priest draws upon the moon in the open air, and that I didn’t giggle during the Great Rite.   I was moved beyond measure.  This Sabbat for me, ass my first, I felt in advance I was just going through the motions due to my newness to the craft and to the group; but there were several times I caught a glimpse of what is not here day to day.  The magical fire, the Sylphs descending like helicopters in Apocalypse Now, the vortex of energy we directed.

In practice I was called upon to cense the ring, and again at Sabbat was called to do the same.  I hope I did myself and my Lady Atheona honorably and didn’t flub up too bad.  Lady Sive and Lady Nashoba were calling the North and East Quarters respectively.  Lady Sive, having been practicing stepped it up.  Lady Sithel was asked to place the West candle for the quarter.  I was so proud of our class.  I beamed with pride and admiration for these three ladies and the magic within them.

The group itself was honored to have some out of town guests in Lord Redhawk and Lady Panthres, Lord Karonis; who was the teacher to some of our elders and the family of one of our elders.  I am so proud to be part of this group.  I was worried, before, that I would never be comfortable calling people My Lord or My Lady; it felt hokey and out of place to text “My Lady, a question”, but daily, I am finding it more natural and actually difficult not to refer to everyone with these titles.

Finally, I am thankful this Mabon for these great folks, the ones I have met and the ones yet to meet.  I finally feel as if somewhere outside of my work and my family I am part of something great, and I belong.  I look forward to the next time we are together.


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