I Am Witch, Hear Me Roar

We make due
We make due

Merry Meet my friends, it’s been a long time since I rapped at you (Thanks for the line Jim Anchower); I have been struggling with writers block for a few weeks now.  I promise it is not that there is any lack of amazing things going on.

I wanted to ensure I had both my witchy voice and my writer’s voice down before I put ink to parchment so to speak.  I have always been told by my female associates, better to go long and strong than…wait, maybe they were talking about something else but I think it is applicable to this situation.  The modern day warrior does not go weak, even though when being lauded and thanked for being a male in a predominantly female craft and class I sometimes proclaim, “But I am a hell of a baker too!”

Yes, you are correct, I didn’t think too much on that one, strike one.

I decided to write about something I should have written about long ago but this is as good as a time as any.  I am coming up on three months in the craft and with the Sanctuary.  I am continually amazed by my peers’ ability to balance life with the craft and my mentor and instructors’ patience, knowledge and wit.  I am most grateful for the divine showing me the link on Facebook that day back in July, for being granted the courage to reach out and put myself out there and for being accepted where others have been turned away.

I am a witch.  Recently I performed a self-dedication and sent out to the universe and the God and Goddess that I was of thee, and thee of me.  I roared.  I became a witch that day.  So why keep going to classes and struggling?  Because I have a strong and burning desire to learn, to be the best warrior and witch I can and to share that bond of the secrets, of the work and of the craft with those of the same ilk.  Nothing if not this keeps me motivated each week as I struggle and research what is written about the sabbats in book and on the net; as I struggle to realize what is counter to my learning (Dare to know) and what is productive (A Flair for Secrecy).

Admittedly, as I sometime struggle, I look back and think that I must have believed this would be a class where we would be sitting around a candle, huddled, cloaked and cackling.  Learning more about the aerials and the herbs and the eye of newt.  I have been told that is the second year.  Currently I am a witch, as I have been dedicated, working on my journey to initiate and become a more wizened student and member of the Sanctuary.

What then, is a witch?  Well, I can say we are everywhere.  Some of us are shrouded in secrecy out of the need for privacy in the mundane world.  Some of us are slightly less inclined for that secret and some of our ‘muggle’ friends realize we practice the craft., and some of us stopped giving a shit if anyone knew or not and ride their witchcraft to work every day.

We are programmers, crafters, teens, elders.  We are students, teachers, professors and magistrates of college.  We are farmers, landscapers, keepers of the way.  We are soldiers, ex=soldiers, police, police-to-be.  We are black, white, brown, yellow, blue, green and sometimes and only very few of us are purple.  We kneel to the divine but we know that is always within us.  We look back on our ancestors and the olden way so that we can shape a better future.  We sometimes say balloon when we mean a western wind (Who hasn’t heard of the band Led Zephyr?).  We take a joke, we make a joke, but we are forgiving.

We are strong, we are everywhere and we know shit people.  There is so much more than knowing how to cast a spell or how to invite a Gnome to your rites.  It is history, it is in the knowing that the Celts were not FROM Ireland, but ended up there.  It is in the knowing the difference between Mesopotamia and Egypt, and the peoples herein.  In is celebrating quiet reverence and the party that comes after.  It is meditating on the reasons why but accepting that nothing is static, but that everything flows.

Who would not want to be part of this?  I have learned in my eleven weeks and a day, I have found greater confidence, greater respect for myself and others, and a cool calm compassion that is continually growing.  I am excited beyond measure to be a witch, to continue my year and a day with both fear and respect of that which I do not yet know.

I will post again soon as there are amazing doings in the world of the craft with Rand and his magical wind balloon.  Talk to you soon.  Blessed be!


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