C is for Crafty, That’s Good Enough For Me

By my own admission and chagrin, I am not a crafty individual.  I find I struggle with the developmental side of crafting – I am just not imaginative enough in THIS area.  That being said, Wicca, as I have learned is both operative and ritual; but the third aspect, the “craft” in the Craft, is my struggle.

I have learned a lesson however, one that I didn’t know if it was intended or just a byproduct.  Lady Atheona mentions that you cannot help others if your own cup is not full.  I see this as a GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER clause.  Witches should be self-sufficient.  I should not have to go onto www-dot-anything and spend a couple hundred dollars to get a “Witch-in-a-Box” kit.  Hmmm, maybe that is not a bad marketing idea, but I digress.

There is something to be said about making your own ritual tools no matter how big or small a role they play in your Craft life.  I have spoken to some degree about my runes, my besom, and my scourge.  All of these I have lovingly made by my own hands and I LOVE them.  It is very true that there are prettier, manlier, superbeast tools out there but to paraphrase the Marines. Every time I look at my creations, I think “This is my scourge, there are many like it but this one is mine…”

I have learned to sew.  Strike that and put it in reverse; my mother in all the foresight she had back in the mid-eighties, enrolled me in Home Economics in Junior High.  I learned to bake pies, make curtains and sew bags.  Lots of bags.  When I rolled up on my D and D group, my dice came in a black satin bag with gold braiding that I made.  I only wish I would have embroidered “Bad Motehrfucker” on it, to cash in on some badassery.  That was thirty years ago.  I have not sewn a bag, curtain or pillowcase until I found the Sanctuary.

This has become my favorite meme:
downloadI learned to sew again about 4 months ago when I had to spend about one-hundred plus dollars on a fifty dollar robe, which would have cost me eighty dollars if I would have had one of my peers make it for me (I get to wear a new robe for sabbat soon, so guess who is getting a call, my Lady?).  But I did it.  I sewed my robe, and it has served me well.  I need a new one for class, so I may have to find a pattern.  But, today, I sewed again.

THE Red bags

We have a project / lesson tomorrow that requires a red bag.  Mind you, I was a pro at making bags.  Thirty years ago.  But I did it.  I sewed six small red bags with only two that look odd.  I will keep one of them, but the other five seem to be OK.  I am proud of myself and glad I got to help my classmates by contributing.

The lesson I mentioned, regarding being self-sufficient is much needed.  In my adult life I had become reliant on others in a lot of areas of my life over the last few years.  Like I mentioned in a post I deleted.  I was not even functional through March of this year.  My heart is in the right place, my intentions are golden and I am on the right path.  I am becoming extremely self-sufficient in areas within the craft and the craft and in my secular life also and it feels good.  This year and a day is not just about growing as a strong witch, but as a strong man, leader, son, father, husband, employee, and friend.  I am so blessed.

Other bits of news, Inner Circle Sanctuary has a display up and active at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, in their annual “December to Remember” event.  We have a presentation on the history of the Yule log and the Christmas tree January 3rd at 1 PM.

Coming up in December also is the Yule Sabbat ritual at Temple of Goddess Spirituality for us and those that are prone to it, Mars begins to shadow and go retrograde on December 19th, with full retrograde in January of 2016.



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