2016 Do and Doo


I recently passed my studies mid-term, but am still physically a bit under ‘halfway’ through my year and aday journey.  I am extremely excited as a member of ICS as a new year brings new changes, challenges and friends.

I’ve had writers block and haven’t even mentioned Yule, and already coming up on Imbolg.  But that is not the topic I want to discuss today.  I want to decant what I feel I’ve learned through this journey so far.  Easily it can be summed up in three things.

Witches Due-This is not to be confused with the price of admission.  This refers to a certain level of respect I have gained for those in the craft.  This. Is. Not. Easy. It’s not always fun and it sometimes kicks your ass.  Those that have come before me have walked the road that I’m on.  They have earned my respect for that at least, their due.

Witches Dew-To me, this is what I’m calling the blood sweat and tears I, and this before and with me, have put in physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is the sheen on the brow when you are laying out the ring.  It is the tension you feel in a Summoners or Maidens class when your name is called.  It is the nerves standing within the ring calling your first quarter.  It is the intense study and concentration a spell it divination or memorization takes, daily.

Witches Do-Who are we kidding?  Nothing goes to plan and we make-do.  We do what we have to.  We get ourselves out of jams and we get ourselves into jams.  We respect each other, the world and the Gods.  We take care of shit and get shut done.  We study, we make magic, we adapt.  We certainly do.

Lastly, I will be posting more this year as I’ve made my goal to still respect the privacy and secrets of our craft, but I plan on sharing more about the lore and moments I’m having this year.

Oh yes, there is one more thing, Witches Doo-Doo but that’s a story for another day.  Have a witch 2016.


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