Defend your Turf, or….

Seven of Staves (Wands)

What a remarkable on the money quick flip reading I got from the Tarot this morning.  The card for the day is the Seven of Staves (Wands).  My own drawing from the card is of a man defending his turf.  The picture clearly shows a young man, of giant proportion, holding a staff (wand) in a very defensive posture as he looms over hills and rivers and precariously also stands on the edge of a cliff, which I almost missed.  There are six other staves being held menacingly by six unknown parties.

I pulled this card reversed and my immediate reaction was that in order to overcome the obstacles I questioned ab out today was to stop being so defensive about those around me.  It is definitely OK to defend you and your own, but maybe my energies are better put to bettering myself than defending myself and spending energies in areas where there is really no conflict (the six staves are being held by unseen parties – maybe they aren’t really attacking?).

I feel very strongly that this card was perfect for the situations I have been facing at work, and really did nail the situation at hand.  Of course, the skeptic in me wondered if my own intuitive subconscious was leaning to my interpretation of the card, so I looked up various sites with correspondences of this card, and I was fairly right on the money.

This card really means to me that I do need to be on my toes, but I am wasting my time fighting things that are not really in the way or not as ‘dangerous’ as they really are.  I am perhaps escalating the situation.

Every day I am a little more amazed by not only my growing intuitive response to my Tarot deck, but the quiet advice I am given.  True, some of the advice is obvious – but we tend to overlook those things staring right at us, and we need to hear.  It is similar to a very funny quip I heard recently, ‘What is blue and smells like red paint?  Blue paint’ I will let you ponder the deep shit that means.

Though I continue to learn and grow the Tarot and will continue to post, I need to move also on to spending more time with my runes.  I am also seriously considering the Ouija, but that is because I am a glutton for weird shit reaching out to me.



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