Welcome Back II!

Conversation this morning on the drive in to work…

Me: Hon?   Do you think I was a saint in a previous life?
Wife: Why would you think that
  (Currently I am commenting on the car next to me and the parentage of the driver, or lack thereof a solid father figure in his life, or what I would do to him if I was left to my own devices)
Me: Well, I think I can be a real bag of dicks sometimes.  A real twat.  And you know, I believe in reincarnation.  So maybe I chose to live this life as a jackass, because I needed to learn the lessons of what it’s like to create misery on Earth.
Wife: What the fuck?
Me: Well, what makes you so certain that in my past life, or in fact, all of them I wasn’t just the golden piece of humanity we all want to be?  I was fucking Dr. Salk, Ghandi, and Richard the Lionhearted all rolled up into one sexy individuality?  Who is to say I was a shit in a previous life so I am supposed to be pious or divine or some other ever loving kindness in this one?
Wife: That’s really fucked up
Me: No, I am serious – OK, so the idea is not to come out the other end of this ride with all the “GOOD” Karma that is bullshit anyway.  No such thing, karma just is, it’s the cosmic balance of our actions, and so since nature needs and craves and will do anything to restore polarity, why is it so hard to believe that my bad actions in this life are a direct result of my need to balance the good actions of a previous life?
Wife: Wow, really?  This is how you really feel.
Me: Nah, you are probably right, this is how I get without my coffee.  I will be cool.

Thank you Janet and Stewart Farrar for really making me think on this one…


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