Kissed by the Goddess

Have you ever been truly moved?  Inspired and or affected by your own bubble n the world being exploded and allowing the rush of the rest of us in?

I was, last night.  Let me share that with you.

Horribly made MS Paint Version of last nights sky – I was in my car, no camera

I was driving and could see the nearly full moon, about three-quarters, through my sun roof.  I mean, it was clear as a bell and sitting in her magnificence against a clear dark sky with the planet Mars hovering nearby.  The moon was toward the East and the sun had gone down in the West about an hour before, but you could see the transition in the sky still; the inky black of the western night growing to a beautiful glowing ultramarine of the West sky.

As I sat in the parking lot, not wanting to go into the Wal-Mart, the words came to me:

aradkiaHail, Aradia….

I looked upon the moon, and out loud spoke the words of Drawing down the moon, and felt with such conviction the pull of what was right and what was wrong.  I held it in my hands and in my head for as long as I could.  I felt love and I felt loved.  I looked to the still blue, yet darkening, sky of the east and thought to myself

Shepherd of goats….Lead thy lost flock from darkness unto day

horned God
I felt the Horned ones, the sun Gods and the immortal hunters of times past calling to me, and knew that I was becoming one of them, and they were already part of me.

O Queen of space

As I went through the words of the ritual and came to The Great Rite, I was nearly so moved that an audible squeal escaped my throat.

I have said since the beginning of this journey that I am one that did not have a divine calling to find ICS, but rather it seemed a fortunate and serendipitous set of events lead me there.  It was amazing though, with the way we can have social media remind us in a moment of our past, how much last year the Goddess called to me and even though I did not recognize it, I acknowledged it for months up to the point where I reached out to ICS.

freyjaheimdallrI did not come to the craft in a series of divine moments or fits of inspiration.  I had mine last night, in a Wal-Mart parking lot of all places.  As I pondered the Goddess and the moon and the sky and the heat and the summer and my upcoming turn as High Priest.  I had my divine moment and was kissed in the heart by Freyja and clapped on the back by Heimdallr and all was so right in my world.


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