Dedication to Sloth


It’s Tuesday, day of passion and energy; the day of Mars and Tyr so it is appropriate to talk on this tale today.  This year’s commitment to me is to write, write, and write.  I use to be so damn creative but then,  kids, math.  My career in analytics overtook my ability to weave the tapestry of words that I once could and the desire.

Me, after five PM

I am at fault a lazy mammal.  But, over the past year, I have rekindled my love of writing, through essay’s, blog posts on other websites (ahem, Pagan Pride) and just through the encouragement of those that love me.

So this is a short post, hoping to encourage my brain stew to boil over and allow me to post weekly as my Year and a Day project continues well into the rest of my life.

I may not always be funny, or deep, but you can be damn sure I will have something to say weekly.

Blessed be.


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