Time to Recharge

full-moon-sally-kirkmanThe full moon, nay, a super moon occurs in Las Vegas Monday the 14th of November at 5:52 AM so that means it is a perfect time to cleanse and charge my crystals and ready them for any spell work or strength I need from them over the next lunar month.

There are many methods of doing this, from the quick dash in consecrated water to burying them in salt; I prefer a nice Mugwort bath and then to charge under the full moon.  In my tradition, the 24 hours around the full moon is when it is at is strongest, so for me, I am going to start this tomorrow.

This is a bit of kitchen witchery mixed in with some ritual craft.  I will begin the process outside of a ring, but I am also planning on a small full moon ritual Sunday night in private, within my back yard – the crystals will be brought in for this as well.

imagesI like to boil some water and let some Mugwort herb steep for a bit to really infuse the water.  I place my crystals in the bath while the water is hot and let then bathe for as long as I feel right.  There are a lot of reasons I use Mugwort; from its correspondence to divination and dreaming to the mundane reason that the bathe just purely adds sheen to my crystals.   After the bathe, I clean them with rain water that I have collected.  Yes, what a Wiccageek, but yes any time it rains strong here in the desert, I try to grab some.  It has lent its power to my consecrated water and to cleanse candles and anoint myself.  If I find I am out of rain water, a nice rinse with purified water does the trick.

Most of the crystals I have are for divination or protection and since the full moon falls on the day of the moon this month, I cannot think of a more auspicious way to take care of this piece of my tradition.  The crystals will sit out Sunday night, from moon rise, through the full moon and into the sun the next morning absorbing all of the energy of both the Goddess and the God.

I do not do a lot of crystal magic, but like all of your tools – you need to take care of them.  This is something I do once a month to ensure I am first, attentive to the needs of my tools and second, to live my religion and craft on a cyclic basis, at least the operative side.

I hope this post finds you well, blessed Yule tide and remember that during this waning time of the year, there can be no light without the dark.

Blessed be.


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