File_000 (2)My coven was founded by Lady Morgana and Lord Mordred as the High Priestess and High Priest of the coven.  They received their own instruction down their lineage and I am fortunate enough to be receiving my Wiccan education from their teachings, put together over many decades and in many incarnations prior to my current group.

They were very operative witches and were hands on in their classes, so I have been told.  The recipes for oils, incense and brews that I have not only come from of course Scott Cunningham and his contemporaries, but more so from the hands-on magic that they themselves toiled over, experimented with and used in their own practice.

When I began in the group in August of 2015, Lord Mordred had already passed to the summerlands, and within a few months so would our Lady Morgana.  One piece of luck was that, even though their retail establishment – “The Bell, Book and Candle”, had closed years before, there was still a lot of oils and incense (among other things) remaining from their operative legacy.  Our group decided to allow these to be sold at Haven Craft locally.

I was fortunate enough to find a God oil and High Altar oil crafted by Lord Mordred, with label in his own hand around Yule, that year and purchased them immediately as they were the only two left.  There were plenty of reversing, money and other oils, but these two seemed special to me.

I am sitting here today, having used these oils to anoint candles, incense and other spell work deemed by me to be powerful and special, keeping them as long as I could still knowing that they were meant to be used not sit in my apothecary.  I have very little oil left, and as I am working on a daily spiritual practice where each morning I am found giving praise to the Lord and Lady and honoring where I am from both witchy and mundane, I have been using these oils in this practice and it saddens me that an era is coming to an end.

This little bit of oil, as an initiated witch working toward and studying for my second degree, represents an earthly connection to my teachers.  These oils made by their own hands, with diligence and a deep understanding of the intent and purpose for which they would be used are very special to me, and tie me to my past.  As sad as it makes me that I am nearing the end of these oils, I am gladdened that I have the very recipes and methods that they used to craft these.

In its own way, that ties them both, as well as the history of their craft, to me and to the future of their craft through me.  I know that it will be a long time until I have the “witchy voice” of either of them, but I learn well the lessons they wanted me to know, their methods, through my elders and teaches within my group and their legacy will live on.


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