A little bit about me…

I started this blog many months ago, and yes I have not been writing as frequently as I had hoped, with the intent of sharing the things I have learned, the spells I had cast and so on and so on.  I found, somewhere along my journey, that is not where I wanted this blog to go.
IMG_0843I want this blog to be MY story; the story of a father, a husband, a flawed yet improving soul.  A Wiccan.  I do not want it to be all about sharing the dark mystery and the ritual.  I DO want to share some of the amazing and fun, and funny, stuff we witchlings do as I move from yahoo to initiate to living the Wiccan life in all things.

I am hoping to share the funny stories we hear along the way, so that they do not pass into time forgotten, but become the thing of legend.  I hope to explore the history of Wicca in America and find amazing people that are willing to share their good news and fun shit too.

Of course, along the way, there will be recipes for oils and incense; thoughts on spell craft, the stories about our rites without telling you are rites.  This blog will be deadly serious at times and completely stupidly insane at others.  It is a reflection of my mind and mood at the time I am posting.

I am hoping that I can look back on these posts some day and remember how nervous, frightened and anxious I was and measure that against the man and witch I have become.

A cherished friend and mentor of mine, speaking to another person regarding their blog, said you have to have content.  Content, content, content.  Makes perfect sense, otherwise you are just a placeholder on the interweb thingy.  My challenge is to post weekly for now, start of small, and see about moving into more posts as time permits and as the stories build.

IMG_0864And since this blog is not all about the spells I cast, but how I am managing a career, kids, family, health and of course, my religion – there will be posts completely unrelated to Wicca.  I am a huge Arsenal FC fan, and a wannabe triathlete.  Watch for those posts too.

I hope to entertain, provide relief for my moodiness and of course rant, it’s what I do.  But mostly I am hoping to remember.  I hope to see you on the path.  Blessed be.

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