Woden’s Day


220px-georg_von_rosen_-_oden_som_vandringsman_1886_odin_the_wandererToday is Wednesday.

Named for Odin (From Norse; see also Anglo-Saxon and German Woden or Wotan), “Odin’s (or Woden’s) Day”

Associated with the planet Mercury

Associated with the color yellow

A good day for magic involving communication, study, mental acuity, travel, writing, communication and for any spell craft surrounding your electronic or mechanical devices.

Today would be a great day for some rune work as well, for divination or other means.

Honor Odin today with a libation of mead, ale or whiskey.  Perhaps some tobacco or coin, as Odin is known to also favor luck.  Share a story of your deeds or ancestors with a friend over a drink, if you wish to celebrate in the mundane world.  The Gods love stories of the things man does, but never forget, they love stories of their own deeds as much if not more.

08ba2d194acd72f45336993566af0675Honor Mercury (see also Hermes from the Greek pantheon) today by remembering those of yours that have passed from this world and thank him for ushering them to the afterlife.  Write a letter or send a message to someone you miss or are thinking of.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

2015-06-25-1435247097-3150712-luciddreamingI finally experienced my first ‘lucid dream’, or at the very least an enhanced normal dream last night.  Fully conscious of the matter and state of the dream I was able to actively participate or become the silent observer as the case may be.  There was not a lot of continuity to the dream, but I will share what I can remember and what I wrote.

Before I do, for all transparency, I have experimented with working to enhance my dreams as I feel I am not someone who dreams a lot, or if I do, I do not have dream recall like some people I associate with or whose books I have read.  It takes practice and exercise.  Last night was the combination of being dig tired early and a nice, hot cup of Mugwort tea.  The tea was unplanned, but I had some digestible Mugwort tea in my larder and as I had just posted about my Mugwort bath for my crystals, it must have been on my mind.

The dream itself was non-linear.  It appeared to be shortly in the future; I was still a member of Inner Circle Sanctuary and we were gathering for a Sabbat celebration, or so it seemed.  The location of the celebration almost seemed like it was on a military base or near s military reservation as we were outside of a trailer, with netting and boxes all around.  But it was not a place that was set up in haste; it felt very much like a safe oasis, a place of familiarity as there were cushions and chairs to sit on, a fire pit pre-dug and carpets to lounge on.

The first odd thing was that there were no members of my current ICS family around.  None of the elders or students was there.  And as I sat through this point I was observing, but at the same time, the dream me felt a presence he could not see guiding him from his arm and the shadows at the same time.  The dreamer me knows now that was myself, my conscience actively participating in the dream  It was an amazing odd sensation to feel connected and disconnected at the same time and to be able to willingly guide and be forced to observe at the same time.

For some reason, my sons, Alex and Adam, as well as my parents had flown in.  As I was at the Sabbat area, they pulled up in a car and all had a look of sadness, of tears in their eyes and they refused to look at the dream me; that was odd, so my dreaming self-addressed them and they were responding to that version of me, the active me, to which they told me they were happy to be able to visit.  They were confused when I asked why they did not acknowledge the dream me and that part frightens me a bit.

Members of Inner Circle began to sit in the celebration area, members I did not know.  Some looked like faces I may have seen, some came in regal costumes.  One person in particular was a more recent member who is no longer active that I had met once, but do not know very well was drawn to me and was at my side most of the dream.

Photo courtesy of innercirclesanctuary.com; from Samhain 2015 gallery

Then, she came in.  From out of the trailer stepped Lady Morgana.  My dreaming mind was blown, but the dream me was happy to see her but had expected it.  I had met Lady Morgana in the real world on a handful of occasions; I have always felt a deep connection to her even though I did not know her well.  From the first moment I met her, I wish I had known her longer.  She was wearing a white robe, almost ivory, much fancier than my own in its construction and comfort, trimmed in silver with a headdress that reminded me of the Egyptian scarves worn by men, with black and white alternating lines.


Her face was still the face of age, as old as it was when I knew her, but somehow stronger than I remember or than it should have been.  The scars of her age did not show but she exuded more power and strength than she was able to at the end.  It was as if she was in the prime of her power if not age.  She sat down and immediately smiled to me out of the corner of her mouth and motioned for me to step forward to her.  This seemed a normal course of action to me, as if I either expected or had performed this action many times before.

The dream is a bit fuzzy here, but I remember everyone bowing and curtseying while she asked me forward.  I came forward and knelt in front of her while she sat.  She handed me a die.  The kind you buy here in Las Vegas in the gift shops, big and red and with a name on it.

Looking past the kneeling me, she addressed the dreamer.

“Ayden”, she said, “That doesn’t seem right” and she handed the dreamer me the die with my youngest daughters name on it.  I replied to her telling me that was my daughter.

“I know that, Mike” she replied in that manner she had with her accent prevailing.  Now, as far as I know, she only knew me by my magical name so this was odd, and the fact that she was addressing the version of me that knew I was dreaming and not the dream me kneeling was kind of cool.  I looked into her eyes and as overwhelmed with sadness and in her eyes there was comfort.

“I know what it is like to be tired”, she said, and put her hand on the dream me’s head.  “But, now we run”.

I have no idea what that last part meant, but I woke right after that and could not get the dream back.  Even now as I recall it, I can feel the sadness creeping back, as my eyes begin to tear up at my laptop.  I am not an interpreter of dreams but there seems to be so many messages of loss in this dream and it really has affected me.  I wonder now if it was a Sabbat at all, as most of the people were those that I did not know and there was such an air of sobriety instead of gaiety.  With my family from Salt Lake visiting in the dream and my wife and other three kids not being there, also lends a sadness to the dream.

I am excited that this dream was my first acknowledged foray into the lucid dream world, and I was very excited to see Lady Morgana again.  Perhaps my dream was just a dream; perhaps there is a message in there.   Right now I do not know, but I wanted to share and get it out so I can revisit again and again.  Part of being able to control your dream travels and your own mind is to remember.  For me, this post is cathartic as I am able to remove the sadness the dream created by putting it on paper.  I know I am not painting a picture here, very well, but I am glad you decided to share this with me.

Blessed be.


Defend your Turf, or….

Seven of Staves (Wands)

What a remarkable on the money quick flip reading I got from the Tarot this morning.  The card for the day is the Seven of Staves (Wands).  My own drawing from the card is of a man defending his turf.  The picture clearly shows a young man, of giant proportion, holding a staff (wand) in a very defensive posture as he looms over hills and rivers and precariously also stands on the edge of a cliff, which I almost missed.  There are six other staves being held menacingly by six unknown parties.

I pulled this card reversed and my immediate reaction was that in order to overcome the obstacles I questioned ab out today was to stop being so defensive about those around me.  It is definitely OK to defend you and your own, but maybe my energies are better put to bettering myself than defending myself and spending energies in areas where there is really no conflict (the six staves are being held by unseen parties – maybe they aren’t really attacking?).

I feel very strongly that this card was perfect for the situations I have been facing at work, and really did nail the situation at hand.  Of course, the skeptic in me wondered if my own intuitive subconscious was leaning to my interpretation of the card, so I looked up various sites with correspondences of this card, and I was fairly right on the money.

This card really means to me that I do need to be on my toes, but I am wasting my time fighting things that are not really in the way or not as ‘dangerous’ as they really are.  I am perhaps escalating the situation.

Every day I am a little more amazed by not only my growing intuitive response to my Tarot deck, but the quiet advice I am given.  True, some of the advice is obvious – but we tend to overlook those things staring right at us, and we need to hear.  It is similar to a very funny quip I heard recently, ‘What is blue and smells like red paint?  Blue paint’ I will let you ponder the deep shit that means.

Though I continue to learn and grow the Tarot and will continue to post, I need to move also on to spending more time with my runes.  I am also seriously considering the Ouija, but that is because I am a glutton for weird shit reaching out to me.


Welcome Back

I have a plan.  I have a plan to energize my writing and at the same time, work on my skill at divination and more specifically, the arcane mystery of the TAROT!  (Cue echo…)

For the next little bit a few times each week, I am going to draw a daily card and talk about it from my interpretation, relation, emotion and what I see and feel in the card and I will also give the ‘technical’ meaning according to biddytarot.com; thus begins my tarot journal.

Today’s card was the KING OF SWORDS
Allow me talk about a few items that jump right out at me as I see this card.first, here is a man sitting on a throne on a small rise with a beautiful calm day behind him. His throne has butterflies and I think that may be a cherub (?).  He is in Blueish vestments, with red out cloth and purple cloak or cape.  He is holding a sword in his right hand and the look on his face is not of contemplation but of resolve and confidence.  His foot shows from under the robe.

This is what I see.  This is not Donald Trump; he does not lack confidence or need to bully. People listen because this man has authority, and knows it, and doesn’t need to remind you.  He has confidence and has earned his position through skill, wisdom and resolution.  He sits in judgment from a stance of competence.  This is not someone with something to prove but has already proven it.  The color of the clothes tells me that he is of royalty, magic and belief.  His face is calm, but with his foot forward, he is also ready to act.  I find the butterfly throne intriguing because this is a measure of change which seems to speak from a different angle than my original thought.

I read this card as resolution, confidence, direction and leadership.  Reversed, it could be the lack of direction or self-confidence.  Someone not to be trusted, perhaps?

Reading from biddytarot.com, my initial interpretation does mark on some of Brigit’s thoughts as well.  Feel free to go here to read her take on the King of Swords.

This card speaks to me in relation to the way I have been feeling recently.  I pulled the King of Swords today reversed, so my feeling of it referring to a lack of self-confidence is pretty spot on.  I am working on it, but the past month has been a little rough; both mundane and from the craft standpoint, I have not felt very witchy per se.

But, the lesson from this same card is obvious.  Be ready, do the work and to be witchy, BE WITCHY.  Hold magic in a special place.  Study and be resolute in your study.  Seek mentors, do not wait for them.  Be calm but ready to act.

It’s a great reminder today.

See you soon.


Runes Experience p. I

The End
The End

There is a school of thought for those learning divination that you can become familiar with your tool by, say, pulling a tarot card each day and studying the image, the feelings, the texture, etc. and then at the end of the day, reviewing and see if you can intuit the relevance of the card to your day.

The beginning
The beginning

I designed and crafted a set of my own runes last Monday as my preferred divination tool.  It was a fantastic opportunity to pour out

my energies and personality into my own tool and I recommend this if you have the opportunity.  It is definitely an operative form of the craft, as you really find the tune of the runes.

The Middle
The Middle

This week for me then has been about charging and knowing and learning the runes; each day this week I have pulled a rune from my storage and looked it up.  I didn’t necessarily pull them randomly, I blindly reached into the bag, after a quick nod to the God and Goddess with the intent of pulling the rune that would reflect the impact of the day.  Both times so far, I was drawn to a rune that would feel warm or the texture caught my feel.  I decided I would consider it ‘murky’ only if it came out of the bag face down; both times however, they have both come face up.

On Wednesday I pulled Hagalaz and on Thursday I pulled Algiz.  Without going into definitions that day, let me give you the events of both days.  Wednesday was damned rough.  At work I was thrown under the boss and had to resolve many issues that were outside of the norm.  I had to have some uncomfortable meetings where I was asked to step it up and avert the issues.  I ended up working much later than I had planned, disrupting my opportunity to go see and participate in an incense class with LS at Chez Weiner (I love that name).

Thursday on the other hand was good.  The issues from the day before had been managed and I had the opportunity to make some good new contacts that may allow me, and have excited me, to take my career in a different direction.  And my boss had called out sick, which freed up a lot of my time to get things done.

So as I got home each night and reviewed the runes with the events of the day, I realized fully how special these runes were going to become to me.  I have always had a small nagging doubt about my ability to divine anything, let alone be able to tell someone something else of value.  Perhaps, if not indeed because of, the fact that I have an awesome bond with this tool – my intuition will continue to grow and I will become even more able to read and advise with the runes.  It’s kind of exciting.

Here is the BASE definition I have for each of the runes, and again, it is and will be the base definition I come from; everyone is a touch different.  I will let YOU determine how accurate you feel these ‘castings’ have been.  I know already how I feel.

Hagalaz – Crisis, Trauma and Unaware
Hagalaz – Crisis, Trauma and Unaware
Algiz – Visible movement, blockages removed
Algiz – Visible movement, blockages removed